The Path of The Revolution!

The revolution has done quite a lot in the time we have had. We all know our ultimate goal. To defeat the fangs and overthrow the 13 houses. sometimes, however, among the many factions we meet, battles we fight, and politics we are forced to navigate it can be hard to keep track of how we are getting there. our plan. I assure you Overtaken, we do have one and you have all helped create it. Stay focused, and do not fret, we are on course:

-Started a Riot in Alestart that interrupted a public execution

- Pushed the Fangs out of Alestart

-Found a course ahead and met the Hawks

- Took the outpost along the north road to clear a path for us and the citizens that joined us to Coldbay

-Found/Stole ships to transport the revolution to the abandoned Audrian’s Isle. Revealed to us by the Owl.

-Cleared out the ruins and set up protection to establish a base on the island.

Chapter one:
-Searched for allies and resources

-Established an alliance with the beast folk

-Reached out to other areas of Wraxnia (Faerinian and gauldash) to seek alliances and spread our own reach.

- learned about the battlemages

- Collected the necessary components from across wraxnia to summon the battlemages

-Summoned the battlemages and cleared their corruption so they could aid us in our quest.

Chapter 2
-infiltrated the House of Gold in Coldbay near our base

-utilized our information network to become more effective at shutting down fang shipments and taking resources

- built up the islands facilities

-expanded our information network using our place in the house of gold and our contacts in the beast folk and Dera Norel

-stole a coin die to make our gold and treasure spendable while undermining the house of gold

-caused issue enough to bring the heads of the House of gold to Coldbay to take them out.

-Massive show of force from the fangs with the unexpected lockdown, yet stuck to plan and took out the Renault twins who were in charge of the house of gold.

Chapter 3
Our Current goals are to utilize the chaos caused by our success against the house of gold to go after the house of eyes (Jaren and Corvus have made a strong case for that house to be the next to topple and the easiest for us to get to due to internal connections) we also must reforge the Beast folk and maintain our foothold in Coldbay. In addition, Corvus and the Owl recovered a typewriter belonging to the house of ravens that we have been using to decode and intercept information we may even be able to use it to plant false information. Currently developing plans moving forward against the house of Ravens. The House of Eyes and the House of ravens are the most disconnected from the remaining houses and make good targets for us moving forward.

Trust in the Hawks and in yourselves. there is a plan and a course of action we are taking to fulfill it. When there are so many moving parts and close calls it can be hard to keep the big picture in mind, but we work together, for the blood of the people!

The Path of The Revolution!

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