The 13 Houses

The House of Velvet: The ruling house of vampires, they oversee the others and run the capital known as The Velvet City.

The House of Iron:
In charge of all the mines in the Iron Horns and the refining of the metals and gemstones found there. They hold the imposing Black Steel Keep and posses the Lightning Rail that connects the keep with the mountains. Details

The House of Cogs:
This house works closely with the Druegar and the House of Iron, creating deadly machinations, powerful magitek, and maintaining the dreaded Guardians. The house of cogs watch over the Iron Steppes and are responsible for all the technological advances within the Wraxnian empire. Details

The House of Blades:
With chapters all throughout Wraxnia, the House of Blades serves as the law enforcers and domestic military of Wraxnia. They employ Ghouls as their main soldiers in a force called the Darksteel Legion, and make sure that the cities and people of Wraxnia stay in line and follow the letter of the law. They escort officials from other houses and make their presence felt on all the main land roads throughout the continent. Details

The House of Lore:
The Keepers of this House are called the Historians, they make sure that the history and perception of Wraxnia is what the Vampire Lords want it to be. They have worked hard to erase the past and make Wraxnia feel as though it has always and will always be there. Details

The House of Eyes:
The Eyes are the inquisition of the Wraxnian empire. In charge of public executions, interrogations and the face of the vampire lords to the common people. The Arbiters and Inquisitors of this house are cunning, and dangerous. Details

The House of Devils:
This house is in charge of the mysterious “Zones” around Wraxnia where they experiment with various powers and biological elements. The House of devils specializes in research and development of bioweapons and augmentations. Details

The House of Blood:
Perhaps the most important House of all, the House of Blood is in charge of the farming of blood and the “reclaiming” of debtors and criminals from whom to harvest the blood. The Blood Sought Valley became known as such because that is where the greatest number of blood farms as well as the Scarlet Tower, the headquarters of the House of Blood, reside. Details

The House of Crowns:
The vampires of this house are savage beyond measure. The House of Crowns is in charge of foreign conquest, slave trade, and genocide. Most of the leaders within this House return to Wraxnia infrequently and when they do they don’t stay for long. They are busy sailing the Akdrian Ocean or the Binding Sea in search of knew places and people to conquer. Details

The House of Gold:
This house is the treasury of the Empire, in charge not only of the currency and trade, but of ensuring the laws against large quantities of silver be enforced. The entire economy of the Wraxnian empire rests with this house. Details

The House of Ravens:
The spy network of the empire, the House of Ravens serves as the intelligence and espionage network for Wraxnia and beyond working closely with the Houses of Eyes, Blades, and Crowns. Details

The House of Wolves:
A House of Elite killing machines, little is known about the leader of this house and only a handful of members exist at a time. When a life needs taking or job needs doing and all else has failed, the Wolves succeed. Details

The House of Flies:
A house reserved for exiles of the regular order, members who left their houses, went rogue, or failed their masters. Some use the House as a proving ground to return to the good graces of their House before. Others embrace their new “freedoms” and make those around them suffer with impunity. Details

The 14th “House”

The House of The Platinum Scales:
To honor the alliance and service of the Dragonbron from the Kingdom of Drax the Vampire Lords dubbed them the House of Platinum Scales. The Dragonborn are able to intermingle with the upper echelon of the Wraxnian empire and even possess a seat on the council, arguable making them more powerful and influential than the House of Flies.

The 13 Houses

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