Below is a list of Wraxnia’s locations, some explored some yet to be, and a link to the series of Gates that connects them as the owl uncovers these ancient portals the Gates document will expand


Audrian’s Isle
-The Ruins
- Owl Archive
-Trials of the Sun

Chauntea Valley
- Alestart
- Coldbay
^ The Bel Canto
- Irondome
- Mt. Palroma
-Shadow Keep

Kraken’s Maw
- Gidian’s Grave

Faerinian Forest
- Dera Norel
- Alsedrin
- Faerinian Edgelunds

Gauldash Mountains
- City of Gauldash

Gauldash Hills
- Dustcoil
- Boar and Ore

Iron Horns
- Blackslate

Sunspeaker Desert
- Temple of Tanar
- Sunspeaker Plateau

Blood Sought Valley
- Dooligan’s hamlet
- Blacksteel Keep

Kingdom of Drax
- Platinum Plane

Dragon Scale Bay
- Gesh (Main Island)

Devil’s Breach
- Zone 6

Dilsark Jungle

Northfang Point
- Isle of Skarpi
- Isle of Sacs Borin

The Enduring Mire

The Velvet city


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