Precious Ivar 2

What is love? Baby don't hurt me.

Players: Traf’Algar, Nix, Polly, Jül, and Ivar

DM: Kevin

I know that a written account of this mission has already been circulating the Goodbarrel. I would like to provide another perspective on what I view as an important decision for the future of the Overtaken, one that can not be made by the five who were on this mission alone.

I have been on many missions with the upbeat dwarf, Ivar. His devotion to his god and his healing magic has saved my life on multiple occasions. I consider him a friend, someone I have known longer than most on the island. When he began speaking of a long distance relationship he was having, I was skeptical, but I wanted the best for him. When he first mentioned it as we returned from the great hunt, I did not recognize the name of the Lady Belisandre. He spoke of her several time since then, about how he speaks to this woman in his dreams. When the opportunity arose for him to meet her, he was elated, and I was happy to join him in meeting this mystery lady.
We took a boat into Coldbay, and at this point Ivar has already related some of the details to you, so I’ll gloss over them. In front of the garrison, we were met by Rabe, Lady Belisandre’s right hand and former member of the Overtaken. They were killed by Lady Belisandre when Ivar and his group first met her. They were some sort of specter. From what I can gather from those who knew them, they act as though they are a completely different person. Others employed by Lady Belisandre told us that this “Rabe”, their body at least, has killed people and used their changeling ability for Lady Belisandre.
Within the garrison, groups of blades from all over Wraxnia were milling about and getting into fights with each other. It was clear that the Lady Belisandre was preparing for something.
In the lady’s chambers, we encountered a large number of servants to Lady Belisandre herself. They were all incredibly devoted to the Lady, even going so far as attempting to speak like her. One of them mentioned that Lady Belisandre deliberately kept her elite guard at a distance, so as to avoid this happening to them as well. Lady Belisandre then came out to meet us herself.
Ivar told me that in his dreams he shared with Lady Belisandre, they had children and a cabin deep in the woods. He told me that this is what the Lady Belisandre wants, to be human again, and to live with him peacefully. This is not what she told us as we stood in front of her. She told us that, as a part of our alliance agreement, we would topple the fang houses and then give her and her army control of Coldbay.
As the first act of this new alliance we are to go to a gala and kill Belinda’s contenders for the governorship of Coldbay. The targets are Evelyn Snowdrift, Caine Winterhawk, Piotr Van Strek, and Randor. If you are interested in knowing more about these names, read David Mossborough’s journal entries for Welcome to the Party. Belinda was someone Bytor had made contact with, and they got along quite well.
Randor is a jerk, but his daughter Gavora was someone David thought we could potentially forge an alliance with in the future. Killing her father would probably crush that possibility.
Lady Belisandre implied she had her own plans for the night of the gala, but did not let us in on what they were.


WraxniaDM RiceNoodles7

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