Whoot Silverbeak Kekkek

Order of Ghostslayers Bloodhunter



Age: 4
Race: Aarakocra Owl
Height: 5 feet
Weight: 80 lbs
Feathers: Brown and Tan
Eyes: Orange


Many see Whoot the Owl Aaracokra flying over Coldbay and Audrians’ Isle, but little is known about him. Whether because of his natural tendency to fly away at a whim or his rude avian conversationalist skills, none of the overtaken have bothered to question his fervor for the cause.

Whoot is known to approach strangers for assistance or information with brashness that reflect his straightforward manner of handling things. Nobody really knows what he is up to or trying to accomplish, but he can always be found in the laboratories and workshops of the Overtaken, working with his allies on new ways to turn the war in their favor. Those who have looked into his eyes can see that he has faced unimaginable horror and is no stranger to darkness. Though commoners may fear him, they tend to extend every courtesy and do their utmost to help him. Whoot seems to be haunted by something so terrible that he dare not speak of it. The burden has taken its toll, isolating him from most people and making most question his sanity. Whoot struggles to find a way to overcome this before it destroys him.

As a blood hunter he has a deep knowledge and unnatural connection with wicked creatures allowing an advantage in tracking, hunting, and destroying even the most resilient of abhorrent fiends. As a member of the Order of Ghostslayers, he has rediscovered the secrets of blood magic and refined them for combat against the scourge of undeath. Without hesitation he seeks out and studies the moment of death, obsessing over the mysteries of the transition.

Whoot is one of the few who have met each incarnation of Auxeticus. The undisposed, indefatigable, peerless, and one that got smashed by rocks. He does not trust them and fears the Hawks have been beguiled by some devious entity. Whoot is known to carry a lantern with a black candle that never runs out and that burns with green flame, a Gothic trinket picked up during his time on the hunt.


Mother- Catherine
Father- Gregor
Siblings- Kaw,Screech,WhoWho,Chirp,Warble,Squawk,and Bill

Dorin Militia
The Overtaken
Druidic Order
The Outsider

Items of Note

  • Studded Leather +2
  • Hand Crossbow +2
  • Animated Shield
  • Ioun Stone Agility
  • Silver Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power
  • Willow Whisper Flute
  • Ring of Evasion
  • Lucky Leprechaun Hat
  • Amulet of Outsider Attack
  • Map of Wraxnia
  • Alchemical Supplies

I like to play the flute. It keeps me calm and brings me fleeting moments of happiness.

I like to know my enemy’s capabilities and weaknesses before rushing into battle.

A terrible guilt consumes me. I hope that I can find redemption through my actions.

I am a purveyor of doom and gloom who lives in a world without hope.


Born on a ship south in Kraken’s Maw of the Dilsark jungle to unknown Aarakocra parents. A floating nest with a cluster of ten eggs washed ashore to the small hamlet of Dorin, south of Alsedrin and was found by a local wash-women named Catherine.She wasn’t quite sure what they were from, but they were much larger eggs than she had ever seen, so she tended to them in the local chicken coop for a few days. To her great surprise one morning she heard peeps of chicks and found eight Aarakocra chicklings with the faces of tawny owls, unfortunately the other two eggs had sustained too much damage in their journey and had to be disposed.

Catherine and her husband the fisherman Gregor never had children of their own and she took this as a blessing of Pelor, a reward for her faith and prayers. The couple raised the chicklings as their own, teaching them all the ways of the world and how to handle themselves in society. Being the youngest of the 8 Aarakocra children was hard for Whoot. Whoot and his siblings being the only non-humans of the Dorin, always had caught the ire of the other children, but it was hardest for Whoot being the smallest of the bunch. Catherine and Gregor did the best they could to give their children a sense of identity, and with what knowledge they could fine, taught the birds the known history and customs of the Aarakocra. It was one night of study that Whoot read of the deity, Syranita Mistress of the Aarakocra, creator of the winged race. While still showing reverence for Pelor, Whoot declared his patronage to her, only requesting the strength to return his kind to their rightful homeland of the Dilsark Jungle.

The Aarakocra grow fast and within three years from the day Whoot washed ashore as an egg, he had grown into a mature and able bodied fighter. While most of his seven siblings used their speed and flight to steal and commit crimes for pay, Whoot preferred the more direct approach of combat. Being the youngest had hardened the owl into a determined scrapper with skill in both bow and blade. Whoot joined a local militia group that was paid to keep bandits and local marauders in check. It served him well, providing money he could use to support his family, training his combat skills, making connections, and gave him an interesting use of his time instead of boring chores. Whoot began to find companionship with his fellow militiamen, but it was a short lived friendship.

Returning home to Dorin one summer night the militia saw smoke rising into the sky from the hamlet. Whoot the only militia member with wings rose into the air to try to find his family while the other members rushed down the road to find the source of the fire. The events he saw are burned into Whoot’s memory and he still wakes in cold sweat from the nightmares. As Whoot ascended above his home he saw that a fang patrol was laying waste to Dorin and enslaving all of its inhabitants. A cloaked vampire issued commands to waves of ghouls as they lit the homes on fire, killing the elderly, and chaining those that could serve. Whoot met and relayed the information to his militia and they launched an attack against the fang patrol to save their home. As many ghouls as they slayed, even more kept coming. From all sides of the forest the forces of the undead set upon those that would defend Dorin, and Whoot through blood and tears watched as his closest friends and comrades were torn limb from limb. Beyond the waves of undead, the burning structures of his home, Whoot saw his father and mother for what he feared may be the last time. They were chained with their neighbors and led into the woods by the Fang’s vampire, but luckily it did not look like his siblings were present during the attack. With everything lost Whoot pledged to himself that he would not let the deaths of these brave men and women be in vein. Laying the corpse of his best friend to the ground, Whoot gave out a tormented kaaw, as he flew into the sky and out of the clutches of the ghouls in the last second. The scar across his left eye leaves a constant reminder of the night he lost everything.

For months Whoot roamed the wilds of Faerinian Forest and Chauntea Valley in search of a way to defeat the evil undead that had ruined his life. By the grace of Syranita, Whoot came upon an elderly retired warrior, who turned out to be a member of the secret order of monster slayers know as “Witchers”. With nothing left but a passion for vengeance Whoot trained with the order and made a name within them as being an adept slayer of monsters. The Witchers controlled a mystical power and with time Whoot learned to harness complex alchemical concoctions and blood rituals, becoming a ghost slaying Bloodhunter. Whoot was hoping to take some time off to recover from a nasty encounter with a Manticore, one that had lopped off the tip of Whoot’s right ear. Having mortally injured the beast, Whoot was only barely able to escape with his life, and did not get confirmation of the beast’s death nor compensation for it. Rest it would seem is not a blessing Whoot would ever get, because a necromancer began ravaging the lands and the order was called upon to stop it.

Though it took all the might of the Witchers to push back the undead horde at the command of the necromancer, Whoot and his compatriots managed to corner the necromancer in his lair. Just before the blades of justice could dispatch the necromatic purveyor of death, a large explosion erupted from a tome in the middle of the room, and when the smoke cleared the necromancer was gone. As the injured Witchers gathered themselves for a chase, Whoot opened the tomb to inspect it closer. With a searing pain, Eldritch glyphs on the tome lit and seared words into Whoot’s memory with the pain of hellfire. The words were a foreign language Whoot didn’t know, but every time he tries to sleep, the phrase echoes in his mind.

It was in search for leads on the necromancer and his undead monsters, or on the fangs that raided his home that Whoot made his way to the small settlement of Alestart. As the riot erupted and the fangs descended on the common folk, this time Whoot did not raise his weapons alone. For new allies had been found, and with their help he knew he could overcome his foes and find the answers he sought. With a small group of fifty or so, Whoot joined forces with other like minded rebels such as the Hawks and the Owl. The Overtaken had been reformed, and Whoot is determined to work with them to bring back the glory of his people and the rightful place in the empire of Dulain.

Veteran of the Overtaken

Since the second founding of the Overtaken last spring Whoot has lead many missions against the fangs with his compatriots. While his comrades may disagree with his rakish behavior and lack of tact in diplomacy, none disagree to his battlefield prowess and great efforts he has taken for the sake of the overtaken.

Some accomplishments:
* Saving refugees of Alestart and wouding of Arbiter Zantean
* Destruction of main blade stronghold in Chaunteau Valley
* Clearing of Audrian’s Isle ruins for settlement
* Voice of Action in first meeting of the Overtaken
* Cleared Coldbay port warehouse and stopped coffin shipments
* Captain and Wheelman of the Jenny 2 ship as it scouted fang shipments
* Cleared tomb filled with House of Devil members and recovered a reliquary of Saint Aiona
* Protected the town of Riven Rock from Fleders and an ancient undead beast
* Freed the green dragon Veridian from his prison and brought back to Audrian’s Isle
* Fought Sheriff Bloody Lip, the Blue Bollet, and the entire town of Dustcoil with the outlaw “Tombstone”
* Fought the corrupted spirits of the battle mages with the rest of the Overtaken
* Forged an alliance with the hidden Druid order in the Faerunian Forest
* Saved Wygraff from order of Raven’s and returned him to the Overtaken
* First member of Overtaken to slay fullblood vampire
* Fought shadows from “the boy” with the help of “the outsider”
* Mined the purist of Mithril with the great forge cleric Theogar
* Went back in time to help the Battlemages fight demons with the kingdom of Drax
* Captured a baby displacer sheep for the Owl
* Formed a partnership with the Pirates of Skaddi in exchange for an armada of ships
* Voice of Combat tactics in the second meeting of the Overtaken
* First of the Overtaken to track down and meet the wizard know as Auxeticus the Peerless
* Searched for the twins during the lockdown of Coldbay. Bloodied blades commander Balgruff the Greater
* Chased the vampire Colina to the Lost Mine Temple and recovered some information on their Cog technology
* Went back in time again to help the battlemages fight a corrupted cave dragon with a portal as a heart
* Mined Mithril with the blacksmith Rowa and saved slaves captured by the Wolves from Varg the Werewolf
* Slew a Medusa riding a Gorgon during the Great Hunt
* Was one of the 15 overtaken to defeat Arbiter Zantean in combat, though he escaped
* Destroyed Wasp guardian and killed Levantes’ Night-Mare in operation Le Tigre
* Killed Colina’s homoculus and giant spider construct (176 damage hit!)
* Saved cursed magical relics from the fall of Iron Dome during Ale Festorium
* Assassinated Premier Levantes of House of Cogs
* Stole magic chest with crystal key and Guardian remote controller from Cogs Lab
* Saved prisoners and looted mithril from Lightning Rail

Whoot Silverbeak Kekkek

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