Krag "Thunder Clap" Ogoleth

A huge goliath tempest cleric devoted to the tenets of Talos


Physical description:
Krag was massive, even by goliath standards. Standing 8 feet tall, weighing 340 pounds, Krag had a dark marble skin tone with white flecks and gray veins. Athletic and competitive to a fault, Krag would often find himself at the forefront of most battles taking hits and throwing lightening. Unlike most goliaths Krag had no tattoos, but was able to grow a minimal amount of hair, a long top knot sprouting from the apex of his head. As a gift from his God, Talos, Krag had no pupil, iris or sclera in his eyes. Those were replaced by yellow, crackling pools of lightening.

Toward the end of Krag’s life his skin was turned translucent, the result of being trapped on the Astral plane for over a year. The experience also drove him insane.


Krag was born deep in the Sunspeaker Desert and raised by the Ogoleth clan, one of many clans under the banner of Bordak’s Tribe. He was raised in a similar fashion as all goliaths, physical competition, constantly challenging greater opponents, pledging servitude and allegiance to Bordak.

Growing up as a teenager, Krag couldn’t help but admire the seemingly unlimited power and ferocity of the thunder storms that would roll across the vast desert. The instant power of a lightening bolt, the smell of ozone, the destruction in a storm’s wake… he wanted to be that kind of power. With that power he could find and defeat greater challenges and continue to push his physical boundaries as far as they could go.

This led him to discover the chaotic evil Storm Lord Talos. God of storms, forest fires, earthquakes, tornadoes and destruction, Talos embodied everything Krag saw as powerful and right and, as Krag matured, the only path to true freedom for the world. Becoming a tempest cleric within his clan and serving Bordak as a force of destruction against any who wondered into their desert, Krag became well known for his abilities and earned the nickname ‘Thunder Clap’.

Joining the Rebellion:
Krag was there the night Alestart exploded. Having been sent on a diplomatic mission by Bordak, Krag was present the night the revolution started which became a seminal moment for Krag’s ideology and path forward.

Bordak had sent him to establish diplomatic ties with the outside world. The human city of Alestart would be the first stop. Bordak, knowing the goliaths of the Sunspeaker Plateau to be in decline, wished to grow the tribe into the world outside their desert’s boundary. The goliaths had been slowly losing ground in the past hundred years due to fang, duergar and dragonborn incursions. With the proud people’s numbers and territory slowing declining Bordak made the decision to send emissaries to the prominent cities of Wraxnia.

Given the mission by Bordak, and being guided by the will of Talos, Krag saw the birth of the revolution as prophetic. Talos was literally showing him his path forward. To contribute to this fledgling revolution by obliterating the oppressive control the fangs exerted across Wraxnia. His motivations were threefold:

  • Sow as much chaos and destruction against the fangs as possible in the name of his
    God. Doing so would liberate an area, to which the remaining populace would know true
    freedom. The opportunity to decide their fates for themselves.
  • Execute Bordak’s mission of finding allies for the goliaths to stabilize their population and
    expand their boundaries. As well as evaluate which were worthy to be allies, would the
    power vacuum created by the removal of the fangs only be filled by more tyrants? Men in
    power tend to form kingdoms, Bordak’s tribe was to remain independent at all costs.
  • There is no greater personal challenge than to topple an oppressive world government.
    Talos demands tribute. Krag seeks challenge. The destruction of the houses is the
    penultimate fulfillment of both objectives.

A Misunderstood Man Out of Place:
Having only ever experienced relationships with goliaths, Krag was brash, direct and confrontational. Yet compassionate to the subjugated people of Wraxnia, seeing them as unfortunate weaklings in need of the removal of their roadblocks. Never one to torture or relish suffering, he’d end his foes lives quickly, or arm the weak for them to defend themselves. Power came from making definitive statements, crushing the opposition, lifting up those who would fight.

Krag was deeply flawed, however, in that his ideology would often blind him to circumstances. The best example being his interactions with Glenn Kaeru, the self-proclaimed Lord of Mt. Palroma. On a mission to assist the fro’gloks in retaking their iron mine, Krag and his party found and delivered a circlet to Glenn that could control the huge iron golem that was dormant within the mines. A meek and unassertive “leader” before having the circlet, Glenn immediately became a tyrant as soon as he had power. At least this was the case in Krag’s eyes. Glenn demanded Krag bring word back to Bordak’s tribe that they were now allies. Krag refused, calling Glenn a coward, tyrant and other choice words, and left the mountain with a very negative opinion of the “Lord” he helped raise to power.

Needless to say, Krag didn’t have many, if any, friends within the revolution itself. Save one. A tabaxi bard by the name of Mahjeet. Krag had gone on a few missions with Mahjeet and was always impressed with the, seemingly, frail tabaxi’s willingness to stand toe to toe with any foe taking and trading blows. Often times it was up to Mahjeet and Krag to stand on the front lines and defend who or whatever was behind them. For Mahjeet’s proven bravery, Krag nicknamed him ‘Fuzzy Song’. An honor not often bestowed upon non-goliaths.

It was for Mahjeet that Krag would sacrifice himself during one mission to the astral plane to rescue the Battlemages. Toward the end of the epic combat, a shaky portal opened up to allow the revolution members to escape. Krag and Mahjeet had both been knocked off their feet just before the portal appeared, Krag stood with a choice. Abandon his friend and rush forward, or help him to his feet and force Mahjeet to move. Krag chose the latter, and with a strong push forced his friend to begin moving toward the closing portal.

This proved to be the beginning of the end for Krag. He was now trapped on the Astral plane. He could survive, it seemed he didn’t need food or water while there, but it would be a while before he had a means of escape. Krag sought routine while there, attempting to preserve the bodies of John Ford and Dr. Toboggan as long as he could in hopes they could be revived once he had the means of escape. However, the Astral plane is no place for mortals. Months passed. Krag experienced visions/hallucinations seemingly from Talos. Watched his skin slowly turn translucent to match the creatures present. Befriended a lightening dog thought to be sent by his God. When members of the Overtaken returned for him, it had been over a year of time on the Astral plane, and Krag had gone thoroughly insane. During one hallucination Krag saw his tribe surrounding him, Bordak at the forefront, and was forced to battle an image of himself. He was victorious against his own visage, but was then given a choice by his spectral tribe. Rejoin them and become an avatar of destruction or return to the revolution, the same revolution that did not want him, did not see things his way, did not like his presence. Krag chose to return to the revolution, knowing his mission for Bordak was not finished and his personal challenge and divine purpose from Talos was not fulfilled yet.

With a powerful battle cry that many of the Overtaken had heard before, “It’s Time to FUCK!”, Krag rejoined his ally’s side to fight against the entity that prevented their escape from the Astral plane.

Krag’s End:
He wasn’t the same upon his return. Paranoid that his spectral tribe was seeking his demise and being following by an imaginary lightening dog granted to him by Talos. Krag began to become unhinged. With translucent skin and thoroughly insane, blaming the Owl for what happened to him, Krag lashed out against his foes in increasingly violent ways. On one mission to the iron mines to reestablish diplomatic relations with the fro’gluks, Krag devised a plan to eliminate the enemies in the area. Walking out nearly naked into the middle of an enemy patrol, Krag placed a powder keg down, stepped back a few feet, beseeched the grace of Talos and called a lightening bolt down on the explosive barrel.

The battle went poorly, the enemy haggard but still alive made their escape. Glenn Kaeru was even more upset with the Overtaken than before, which Krag could not care less about, the party made their way back to the island. On the way they were stopped by House of Wolves mercenaries. Krag told them that Talos terrorists were operating in the area and had assaulted a fang patrol the day before.

Upon returning to Audrian’s island and the news of Krag’s actions reaching the ears of the Hawks, a trial was called for Krag to face accusations that he was actively working against the Overtaken. Many came forward to defend Krag and his actions, more came forward to condemn him. Krag’s defense was rooted in ideological actions. He did what he did because the fangs needed to be destroyed wherever they were found. Glenn Kaeru is a tyrant and an unworthy ally. He devised the story about Talos extremists to throw the House of Wolves off the trail of the Overtaken. Krag had strong philosophical objections to how the Hawks were running the Overtaken, and voiced them during his trial. Calling the Owl a coward, questioning her leadership ability and taking keen notice of who stepped forward to condemn him, Krag was sealing his fate without knowing it.

A verdict was rendered against the cleric of Talos, he was to be exiled and never return. Auxetikus (Llewellyn) the Indomitable disagreed with the verdict and raised her sword to Krag’s throat. Ever defiant and self assured, Krag pressed forward threatening the halfling knight with a swift death should she not lower her weapon. In a bright flash of radiance and a burst of lightening, Auxetikus decapitated Krag before the assembly of Overtaken, defying their will and sealing her own fate days later.

Thus ended Krag’s journey. Prior to his death Krag had been in consistent contact with Bordak and his tribe. Flowing information about the Overtaken to the leader of the goliaths via the sending spell. With those communications stopped, Bordak is aware that the emissary Krag is most likely dead.

It is yet to be seen how these events will play out, but Krag will not be around to see them. The powerful yet misunderstood Tempest Cleric of Talos lived with as much integrity as he could. Never compromising the tenants of Talos, dedicated to the mission Bordak gave him, and willing to die for the objectives of the Overtaken, Krag’s reputation lives on.

Krag "Thunder Clap" Ogoleth

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