Ildan Daer

Male Drow, Shoulder length white hair, Piercing violet eyes


Drow male, roughly 5’10” y’all. Dresses in blue and gold robes, and always carries his two spell books. One is a book that his father kept which has his house Sigil on it, and the other a bland brown leather book which he was gifted by the man who taught him the arcane arts. His face is untouched, his chest however has several scars, one right above where his heart is, from the blow that should have killed him.

A seemingly nice guy, however Ildan has a dark side for the fangs and their allies, and would do everything but spare them when given the chance.

Ildan keeps tally marks on a shield he carries around as to all the fangs and their allies he has killed. He hopes to run out of room one day.


Born to a lowly Drow family Ildan was never meant for anything great. Growing up learning basic sword skills and farming from his father. Ildan had a great life with his two siblings, his brother Sanar Daer and his sister Vierna Daer.

One unfortunate day, the fangs found their home, Ildan picked up a sword and fought with his life to defend his home. The last things he remembers is watching two ghouls feasting on his mother’s and sisters corpse, as two more things drag his father and brother off. Looking down at the sword protruding through his chest Ildan accepted death. Only to wake up in the house of a strange man. This man taught him the ways of the arcane arts and told Ildan about the rebellion. Once Ildan left he never saw the man again, which made Ildan believe that it was a god or something of that nature. After that he found the rebellion after a few months and joined its ranks.

Ildan Daer

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