Arisior Darkbinder

A secretive young human wizard who hides his past, power, and goals


Arisior has long brown hair pulled into a ponytail to keep his hair out of his face when reading magical tomes and a short beard. He is thin and sort of frail in appearance although in good health.

When outside of his tower, Arisior is robed, hooded, and gloved at all times to hide his face and any other identifying features about his body. No skin of his body except his face is showing at any time.

He has one scar on his face from a battle with the Blue Bullete, a cannibal barbarian gnome, where he briefly died. Additionally, he has a scar on his abdomen from a mighty blow inflicted by the Wolf Mother.


Darkbinder Lineage & History

During the time of the reign of King Garalin, a lineage of arcane practitioners existed with the surname ‘Freelight’. At that time, the family tree consisted of 25 living practitioners of two generations. They were relatively unknown and unproven in battle. Most of the family had a carefree, honest, and gullible nature. They were the sort of people that would buy many rounds of ale for travelers in the local tavern or help their neighbors in times of need.

However, when the Fangs began their rise to power it caused infighting within the Freelights on what they should do: fight or hide. Ultimately, only one Freelight attempted to fight against the takeover by the Fangs and died in battle.

After the brutal overthrow of Garalin by the Fangs, the Freelights were hunted down due to their known magical knowledge/abilities. In the aftermath of the Fang coup and the hunt for magical beings, only 4 young members of the Freelight family remained.

The 4 remaining Freelights met once, and only once, to come to an agreement on what they should do. They agreed that they would part ways and stay out of contact with each other permanently. In addition, each of them would take one apprentice only to pass on magical ability to future generations.

The Freelights, in a bid to cover up their previous name, changed their family name to ‘Darkbinder’.

Character Backstory

The Beginning

Arisior Drakyyls was born in a small farming town within a days ride of Alestart. The town was was mostly inhabited by humans; however, two dwarves, one half-elf, and one halfling called it home. His mother worked as a seamstress in town and his father worked as a wheat farmer. Arisior has no brothers or sisters.

He always remembers fondly the relatively quiet young years spent with his family. Their town was rarely bothered by Fang activity which made it an ideal place to grow up… but also made the townsfolk unprepared for the brutality of the Fangs.

The Learning of Magic

At the age of 9, his town was attacked by a platoon of ghouls belonging to the House of Devils. In this attack his family was killed and, as far as he is aware, the entire populace was killed. This is the driving factor why he wants to not defeat; but PURGE the Fangs and their supporters from Wraxnia.

Arisior survived due to Brayddath Darkbinder intervening by killing two ghouls chasing Arisior. Arisior was fascinated by the magic he saw Brayydath use.

It just so happened by chance that Brayddath needed a servant to do mundane tasks to help him, and thus, Brayddath “adopted” Arisior following the attack. Brayydath didn’t have a home and always kept moving as he always stated that, “Fangs can’t find me if I’m gone before they get here”.

After 7 months, Brayddath discovered that Arisior had a keen/brilliant mind and started to teach him the arcane art. Besides the fundamentals of the arcane, Brayddath taught brutal battle tactics to Arisior that showed a disregard for collateral damage when using spells. He observed his master taking pleasure dominating and overthrowing adversaries during the course of his tutelage. However, Arisior always noticed that what his master always took the most pleasure in was the manipulating others.

Brayddath was a harsh master that doled out punishment to his student (often physical) when he failed even at mundane tasks. When Arisior showed interest in a topic, his master would berate him for it. When he would do something well, he would receive criticism rather than praise.

After 10 years of study, he was put through a trial by his master to defeat a patrol of ghouls. This was a test to see if Arisior would be able to carry on his master’s mantle of ‘Darkbinder’. Unbeknownst to Arisior, this is a trial every Darkbinder traced back to the original apprentice of his line has gone through. This proves to be a harrowing ordeal for Arisior due to the attack of his childhood home.

He barely passes the trial and returned to his master wounded. His master acknowledged that he passed but gave no praise for his success.

The Descent

After learning from Brayddath for nearly 11 years, at the age of 20, he decided to kill his master via poisoning to obtain his master’s spellbook and as vengeance for the cruelty suffered by him. He spent two weeks searching for a potent poison herb in their travels which he finally found off a road on the way into Coldbay with his master.

The following day, he secretly mixed the herb into his master’s morning tea that he always requested Arisior to make. His master died near instantly upon drinking the tea. He took his master’s spellbook and left his body at a camp site for the wild to feast on.

After the murder of his master, he took on the last name of ‘Darkbinder’. He promised himself that he’d never be manipulated by anyone after his previous master’s Brayddath teaching. He wandered trying to find more magic in the world with little success. After 3 years of wandering Wraxnia, he was found by Issabeau Hansa, the Owl, and recruited into the Revolution.


Arisior is a very secretive and private person.

He is convinced that most people are trying to figure out his past and actively tries to hide it. He is stubborn when it comes to admitting error due to the dictatorial teachings of his former master.

Additionally, like his former master, he judges others harshly. He doesn’t show mercy or pity to opponents; nor does he care about collateral damage. He is stubborn, independent, and doesn’t actively seek counsel from most people.

Arisior does not harm children. Due to his experience as a child, he has a soft spot for children.

He is reserved most of the time; but once he starts speaking it is usually with intense purpose… or for amusement which is typically at the expense of others.

He has a burning hatred for ghouls; he takes extreme pleasure in their demise.


His goal is to amass power to decimate any force (bandit, Fang supporter, Fang, or deity) that would seek to manipulate his fate.

Arisior Darkbinder

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