Alexander Benjamin Carmine

"Oh, I'm not from here, just passing through. but this...looks like fun. I'll stick around, lend my expertise."


Looking more ready for a formal affair than a revolution, Carmine wears fine leathers suited more for comfort than combat and wanders about with his walking cane for impractical purpose. He keeps combat necessities to a minimum to need not worry about being unarmed or unarmored. Tall, lithe, glowing purple eyes and short stark white hair, he stands out in someways but his otherwise human like appearance can also blend him among the crowd.


“Oh… I come from nowhere important, I just managed my way, jumped from place to place as time passed by helped a little here, inspired a little there, up-heaved a continent elsewhere… but as time went on and I was about to begin another journey. I heard a desperate cry for help, not audibly mind you. I’m too aware to not misunderstand that much. I followed the disembodied voice for as long as I could and it brought me to this dark land, and I can see why I was called. This is probably another twisted way that the gods are trying to get me to do the bidding they can’t, won’t or don’t want to take care. Too many people at risk to call what probably isn’t a bluff, I know war is messy and people die, but the idea is to try and get as many people on this side to “win” as possible."

“I know what you’re thinking, but honestly I don’t care. The gods have abandoned you. Have faith in me, have faith in yourself, have faith in us. Our faith in ourselves is what gives us our true power. That is my faith, we make the change the gods are too inept to handle.”

Alexander Benjamin Carmine

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