Public Humanoid Trials 1.0

From the research notes of Doctor Ullrich von Winkler:

Subject: Nix
Mutation: Warped Macroglossia

>Subject and observers have arrived. Observers include Aryndel, Atticus, and Xanthanon.
>Subject’s heart rate seems elevated. Doctor Montgomery and I are prepared to demonstrate the treatment on a warped monstrosity we found underground in order to lower their heart rate to prep for treatment.
>As planned, the treatment was successful and the warped flesh melted away from the creature to reveal 3 turtles.
>After 60 seconds, we released the turtles from their cage. The turtles seem to be speaking in unison and are finishing each other’s sentences. It is unclear if this is a side effect of the treatment. More observation is needed.
>Subject’s heart rate seems stable. We are placing the subject in a cage and Dr. Montgomery is now administering the treatment.
>Well that’s not…

>The treatment seems to have inverted the subject into a warped monstrosity. Ironically the monstrosity is now using the subjects original body as a tongue. Interesting.
>Subject has broken out of the cage and critically wounded Atticus, will require immediate surgery.
Side note: I seem to have grown extra arms and tentacles, will investigate at a later date.
>Atticus appears to be suffering from a splenic rupture, requiring an immediate splenectomy. I will hold onto this for safekeeping :)

>The subject seems to have reverted the turtles into their warped form. They will be difficult to deal with at the same time.
>I am approaching the subject and plan to…

>Subject appears to have gained tremendous speed and strength. Would have killed me instantly if it were not for my secondary life organs, which are holding for now. I will require additional repairs later.
>The observers are holding off the subject for now, I will attempt to apprehend the turtle monstrosity.

>Apprehension attempt #1 unsuccessful. Luckily Aryndel has banished the subject temporarily so we can focus on the turtle monstrosity together.

>The turtles have been liberated from their warped flesh and are unconscious. I have gathered the rest of the medication contained in a large syringe and a dart. Perhaps additional dosage is necessary to fight this specific mutation.

>The subject returned to this plane and I injected what was left in the syringe into the subject.
>The subject apears reinvigorated and increasingly hostile. I apear to have made things worse. Under normal circumstances I would proceed with a third dose to make sure, but I worry for my safety. I will simply…

>Subject appears to have brought me into a pathological screaming fit, and as a scientist I have recorded that in my notes.
>It appears that Aryndel, Atticus, and Xanthanon have been administering numerous eldrich blasts and arrows into the subject. A few more should subdue it.

>Subject has been severed from their warped flesh and seems stable.
>Subject still exhibits symptoms of Warped Macroglossia.
>Public Humanoid Trial 1.0 has been unsuccessful. We gave Nix the remainder of the medication to use at their disgression.
>Data collection for an improved medication for use in Public Humanoid Trial 2.0 begins tomorrow.

Trials of the Sun Level 16

Team: Adrasteia, Cedric Rackett, Ellisar, Ivar, Miko
DM: Kendra

Summary: The 5 of us met up outside of the ruins and headed down into the entrance of the Trials. We met the keeper of the Trials at the door after first finding black and white orbs of energy swirling around each other for a few minutes. He asked us what we expected to find, and none of us had an answer. We went in, and found a room filled with magical darkness, and the only things we could see were purple torches. Some up-close investigation didn’t reveal much, but Ivar pulled out his driftglobe and used it to cast daylight to overcome the magical darkness. There was a sudden screeching with 4 shadowy figures in the room that promptly attacked us. They seemed resistant to most types of damage, but after we saw Ivar’s radiant damage seemed pretty effective, I made sure to use radiant arrows on them. Miko, our party’s Mastermind Rogue, continually pointed out their weaknesses for the rest of us so we could hit harder and more reliably, which was especially useful as a good portion of our fighting included being in darkness (imparing us, but providing no problem to our enemies). As we fought them, one of them cast darkness to put out Ivar’s driftglobe but he used his channel divinity to put out two of the torches and light up the room, and we concluded each torch kept a quarter of the room magically dark. Cedric dispelled magic on the other two torches as we took out the enemies, then discovered a hallway with a door at the end.

Ivar opened the door at the end of the hallway where we found two creatures of light that shot a light cannon at us that nearly blinded us. Ivar charged in after a round and the rest of us made our way into the room to take them out. I particularly enjoyed Cedric’s use of dissonant whispers making one that was in my face run 5 feet away into a wall. After we killed those two Cedric and I pushed the cannon back towards the main room as Miko opened a treasure chest, finding a saber that could either do necrotic or radiant damage that Cedric picked up to continue using during the Trial. We had found a 3-sided prism on a column in the main room, that had a white side, a gray side, and a black side. We pointed the gray side towards the light cannon, fired it, and it created a shadowy door on the far wall.

After a short rest we proceeded through the door, starting with Ivar poking his head through it and reporting inside there was another dark creature, a light creature, and a third larger one behind them. We burst in and started going to town on the dark one with our radiant damage. The large one switched between light and dark every 5-6 seconds, and Adrasteia’s Blight spell when it was in light formed seemed exceedingly effective. We killed the dark one first before killing the big one, and the light one disappeared when we defeated the big one. We found a treasure chest in the room filled with a lot of gold and a torch similar to the ones we found in the first room, that could cast the darkness spell on a periodic basis. We went through the door at the far end of the room, which took us back out to the lobby at the entrance to the Trials.

I can’t stress enough how strong our teamwork was during this mission, with Ivar tanking and casting Bless multiple times, Adrasteia casting Bane on our enemies, Cedric scaring away an enemy in my face on two different occasions, and Miko helping Ivar and I by pointing out the enemy weak points continually during each combat, even helping me get a critical hit on an enemy while I was temporarily blinded by the light cannon. I also learned the power of being helped by animal friends, both Narsil, my owl familiar, and my celestial mastiff that I summoned from my Onyx Dog statue. While I don’t have regrets about focusing more on dealing out straight damage than helping and supporting my fellow party members, I learned a lot about teamwork on this mission and look forward to working well with teammates on future missions to help us be the most efficient and effective team we can be!

The Assassination of Premier Levantes

Overtaken: Void,Cedric, Rowan, Faeredir,Whoot Silverbeak Kekkek, & Wygraff Antonari
DM: Jeremy

Wygraff met with the selected Overtaken and laid out the mission. The Premier of Blackslate and head of the House of Cogs is holed up in his tower with the recent turmoil in the Gauldash hills. Wygraff then lead the group up the Grey Road 30 miles where they found an abandoned inn. Here they set their plan for infiltrating the walled city of Blackslate. Whoot soon spotted an incoming carriage with House of Blades escorts and the team sprung to action.

Wygraff and Rowan stood in the middle of the road blocking the carriage, the light gleaming off Rowan’s rainbow armor and high heeled pumps. Before the Iron Ghouls escorting the carriage could react, Rowan pulled a stone wall from the ground and the rest of the group unleashed hell. The Iron Ghouls were dispatched quickly and the dwarf driver surrendered, but a cracked seal on a jar in the carriage’s cargo let loose a dust ghoul that nearly felled Void. The party interrogated the dwarf on the best way past Blackslate’s guards at the gate, tied him up, buried the remaining dust ghoul jars from the carriage, and made there way down the road. Half the party disguised as duergar and ghouls, the other half hiding in the carriage.

The ruse worked and once past the gate Wygraff lead them to an abandoned warehouse where they rested for the night. While there the group found giant batteries creating leech fuel from the body of a spellcasters suspended within. Void tried to communicate via telepathy but the poor sorcerer trapped inside was driven mad and unable to help. While on guard the Overtaken saw a group of blades ushering a large creature with a fog lamp as a head deeper into the tower.

The group in the morning half disguised and half made invisible by Cedric made their way to the premier’s tower and enacted their brilliant assassination plan. Void used Dimension door on himself and two others, while the invisible half of the party held on to Whoot’s talons as he flew them to the top of the tower. So far undetected, Rowan made himself one with the stone, slipping through the stone ceiling into the throne room below. Before falling he grasps his immovable rod, and stoneshaped a hole into the ceiling allowing the rest of the group to enter.

Since it was daytime the Throne room lay empty, but the party noticed a stone entryway and a staircase leading under the throne that lead to an immaculate door encrusted with diamonds and rubies. The group barred the entryway with an immovable rod and found traps on the gems, stairwell, and throne (which Cedric narrowly avoided being impaled on). Cedric was able to destroy the arcane lock to Levantes’ chamber using dispel magic. The room was small and a golden casket surrounded by oil paintings of the Premier and his family lined the walls.

The group nodded to each other that the time could only be now, and the rainbow armored death cleric Rowan began his work to ensure the vampire met his end here. After ten minutes the vampire was trapped in a Magic circle, daylight spell, silence, Faeredir placing two immovable rods pinning him in his own coffin. As the lid slid off and the vampire was trapped in place, Whoot swung a stake down into the chest of Premier Levantes critically striking… ADAMANTINE SUBDERMAL ARMOR. The stake was splintered, and the Overtaken caught momentarily surprised, but then the group unleashed hell on the helpless leader of the House of Cogs.

In but 12 seconds the Overtaken had defeated Levantes, cut off his head, and Cedric the Bard impaled him through the neck with a vengeful stake into the heart. Before the vampire turned to ash, Void eats brain, seeing a vision of what caused the most fear to Levantes. Void sees a member of the House of Velvet named Salian Merovech, visited Blackslate and threatened Levantes’ power in Blackslate and leadership of the House of Cogs laboratories. Also Levantes wife Gloriana Palavecinni is cheating on him with other vampire, she will rule Blackslate for now.

The Overtaken collected the vampire’s dust and then Cedric pissed on the remaining ashes in the coffin. A poignant calling card from the rebels. They all then took the oil paintings and found a drop of ancient blood in a secret vial hidden in the room. Using their powers of dimension door and invisible flight the group escaped safely into the surrounding woods in time to see 2 Rocs descend on the tower.

Whoot took time to meditate over the signet ring recovered from Levantes’ corpse, in a vision of it’s past darkness he saw members of the house of Cogs gathered in their headquarters, a grand cathedral named “Iron Home”. Together the house of Cogs members performed a dark ritual draining the life force from their sacrifices, this power is then contained and used to fuel the Guardians. Returning towards the Isle, the city of Gauldash in on fire, with Levantes dead, the house of cogs will be in disorder and the House of Iron will have to withdraw from Gauldash momentarily. The dwarf we tied up was dead from some internal trauma when we returned to the abandoned inn, but we made it back to Isle and relayed the tactical information to the hawks as the Overtaken prepared to set out to save more lives.

It seems this Salian Merovech may be our ticket into infiltrating the House of Velvet and getting a key into the Velvet Capital. He could be exposed after the death of the premier and some of the Overtaken may already be acquainted with some of his consorts. Also we must find a way into the House of Cogs HQ Iron Home, destroying their ritual members and location will be key in disrupting the supply of Magicite, Blue Grand Gems, leech fuel, weaponry, and guardians available to the fangs. Also one of our members should Scry and investigate this ancient blood, it may be the key we need for our next mission. For the Blood of the People!

Whoot hears of a Cog shipment to the House of Iron, cocks his hand crossbow while chirping to himself. “Just the opportunity I was looking for Kek Kek!”

Letters from Nikki

(After the completion of The Devil’s Own mission, a much changed Nikki has placed four letters upon the counter at the GoodBarrel. Two of them are just letters, one sits with a set of spectacles, and the fourth has a small, soft felt pouch atop it. None are sealed, making the contents easily viewed by the curious.)

*Letter 1 outside reads: To Mr. Orphan Dad Lincoln

Mr. Lincoln,
I know they ain’t orphans, but my family has been moved here to live with us, and I was hoping the orphanage might be willing to let the girls (I got 4 little sisters) stay there while I get them a house, and let them join in your schooling or whatever else you do there.
You are welcome to come by to talk, or if you rather you can just leave a note at my place or have Traf pass it along.

Thanks ya,

*Letter 2 outside reads: To Mr. Herschel

Dear Mr. Herschel Sir,
I would like to please hire you to build a house for my family. It’ll need maybe 3-5 bedrooms, and it’d be nice to have it by the orphanage, but also somewhere Dad could have a nice garden. He’s always wanted to be a farmer like our ancestors.
Also, if you know any jobs he could work that’d be great. He’s super duper excited to be with the rebellion, and he’ll like as not tell y’all he can fight, but he’s never fought in his life and I’d spare him learnin. He’ll be just as happy growing food and such for everyone, long as he’s helping end the Fang rule somehow.

You are welcome to come by to talk about cost and details, or if you rather you can just leave a note at my place or have Traf pass it along.

Thanks ya,

*Letter 3 (with the spectacles) outside reads: To Mr. Tirith

Mr. Tirith,
Is that right for a magiks person title? Do you have a special one? Also, are you some sort of gods thing?
Sorry…I have a lot of questions these days about magiks people. If there’s a library somewhere you could give directions to it would be appreciated. Also any books you suggest to learn more about…well most stuff I guess, but especially anything to do with the Overtaken, and the biggest baddies, and the biggest goodies. That would be a good start.
Anyway, thank you for giving me these glasses things. I’m giving them back, partly cuz I figure you probably hate me like seems most folks do, and partly cuz being able to see everything doesn’t help if nobody ever listens or believes what you point out. Hopefully you can find someone important and big and stuff to give them to, so when they see stuff people will care.

You are welcome to come by to talk, or if you rather you can just leave a note at my place or have Traf pass it along. I’m hoping nobody lifts these before you get them.

Thanks ya,

*Letter 4 (with the pouch) outside reads: To The Illustrious Void

Hi Void,

I hope all is well with you. Sorry I didn’t get to know you more, you seem pretty nice.
I appreciate the nice gift you gave me not long ago…or was it? I hear we was gone way longer than we thought…
Anyway, here’s your ring back. I made sure it was nice and shiny, so whoever you give it to next will see it like it’s brand spanky new…which is one of them phrases doesn’t really make any sense, does it?

I made the pouch it’s in myself, from some of the fabric off my pirate hat, and put a little feather fluff inside to nice it up and keep it safe. I’ve gotten fair good at sewing, I think. That has has always been my good luck charm, so hopefully the pouch will keep anything in it lucky and safe too.

If I don’t see ya again, you be good and happy. You’re always welcome to visit, too, although I don’t have real doors or windows yet.

Oh, if ya see my family…they look lots like me…please be careful. Lilly is 6 and not yet as tall as me, and you’re pretty tall so wouldn’t want you ya squish her. We usually put her in bright colors though, so people see her.

Thanks again for being so nice.


Precious Ivar 2
What is love? Baby don't hurt me.

Players: Traf’Algar, Nix, Polly, Jül, and Ivar

DM: Kevin

I know that a written account of this mission has already been circulating the Goodbarrel. I would like to provide another perspective on what I view as an important decision for the future of the Overtaken, one that can not be made by the five who were on this mission alone.

I have been on many missions with the upbeat dwarf, Ivar. His devotion to his god and his healing magic has saved my life on multiple occasions. I consider him a friend, someone I have known longer than most on the island. When he began speaking of a long distance relationship he was having, I was skeptical, but I wanted the best for him. When he first mentioned it as we returned from the great hunt, I did not recognize the name of the Lady Belisandre. He spoke of her several time since then, about how he speaks to this woman in his dreams. When the opportunity arose for him to meet her, he was elated, and I was happy to join him in meeting this mystery lady.
We took a boat into Coldbay, and at this point Ivar has already related some of the details to you, so I’ll gloss over them. In front of the garrison, we were met by Rabe, Lady Belisandre’s right hand and former member of the Overtaken. They were killed by Lady Belisandre when Ivar and his group first met her. They were some sort of specter. From what I can gather from those who knew them, they act as though they are a completely different person. Others employed by Lady Belisandre told us that this “Rabe”, their body at least, has killed people and used their changeling ability for Lady Belisandre.
Within the garrison, groups of blades from all over Wraxnia were milling about and getting into fights with each other. It was clear that the Lady Belisandre was preparing for something.
In the lady’s chambers, we encountered a large number of servants to Lady Belisandre herself. They were all incredibly devoted to the Lady, even going so far as attempting to speak like her. One of them mentioned that Lady Belisandre deliberately kept her elite guard at a distance, so as to avoid this happening to them as well. Lady Belisandre then came out to meet us herself.
Ivar told me that in his dreams he shared with Lady Belisandre, they had children and a cabin deep in the woods. He told me that this is what the Lady Belisandre wants, to be human again, and to live with him peacefully. This is not what she told us as we stood in front of her. She told us that, as a part of our alliance agreement, we would topple the fang houses and then give her and her army control of Coldbay.
As the first act of this new alliance we are to go to a gala and kill Belinda’s contenders for the governorship of Coldbay. The targets are Evelyn Snowdrift, Caine Winterhawk, Piotr Van Strek, and Randor. If you are interested in knowing more about these names, read David Mossborough’s journal entries for Welcome to the Party. Belinda was someone Bytor had made contact with, and they got along quite well.
Randor is a jerk, but his daughter Gavora was someone David thought we could potentially forge an alliance with in the future. Killing her father would probably crush that possibility.
Lady Belisandre implied she had her own plans for the night of the gala, but did not let us in on what they were.

Precious Ivar

Group: Traf’Algar, Nix, Polly, Jül, and Ivar
DM: Kevin

Well… no need to go to sleep early tonight to talk with the Lady Belisandra in my dreams we got to spend some time together face to face and in each other’s loving embrace! She was quite pleasant with our friends Jül, Traf’Algar, Polly, and Nix and they can confirm I’m not crazy and that the Lovely and Generous Lady Belisandra of the House of Blades is looking to change things up in the empire and sees the errors of their ways.

I should probably start at the beginning. Back about 6 months ago when we made a move against the House of Gold in Coldbay we found ourselves outside the garrison bridge and everything was locked down. Our group was standing in the open and looking awkward while we’re trying to see how the gate operated and working on a plan to get within the gated area so we can blow the bridge to the Garrison. When we split up to get into different positions to watch the gate I decided to sit on a pile of trash next to what looked like an old homeless lady. After a few minutes the old homeless lady looked me in the eyes and that is when fate struck and I understood what love at first sight was like. She transformed into this beautiful woman with lush black hair and pale skin then proceeded to direct her troops and give orders to defend the gate. No No No I’m not disillusioned I know she was a bad girl and that I was charmed… BUT I was charmed for a reason! She liked what she saw and while I was directed not to do some things she admired how I was able to work around her specific commands and during the fight she even took me into the guard tower with a window that had a view of the stone bridge at the same time the bomb wagon was coming down the hill and across the bridge. With a well placed fireball and a little bit of luck the bridge blew up and we were able to accomplish the main goal of our mission. Lady Belisandra made that possible. It is true we lost our friend Rabe that night to Lady Belisandra and her forces; however, we did see Rabe again last night and she’s still around in a spectral form. She is the right hand of Lady Belisandra and I’m not fully aware of her story or soul’s choice after death.

(Not part of the mission recap)
Now for those of you on your moral high horses who have lived perfect lives, never doing anything wrong, and remain untainted by this world preparing to toss stones at Lady Belisandra. As the Overtaken we have had tough choices to make that have lead to the loss of innocent lives for the greater good. Careless fireballs incinerating chained prisoners, freeing green dragons that eat innocent people, and blowing up bridges with delivery people on it, or starting a small revolt in a small village which lead to it’s utter destruction to name a few of those incidents. Does that make us evil? We’ve destroyed family, hopes, and dreams. This is war and it’s an unfortunate cost of war and freedom for future generations. Now while those actions have happen in our past it’s not what defines our future. We have made great efforts to preserve life and have changed tactics from our earlier days considering our actions more closely. This is to be celebrated and something we aim for every time we set out to change this world. We might not do it perfectly every time but we are working in the right direction. Lady Belisandra does have a dark past like many of us and she has turned from those ways looking to build a new future inline with what we have sought to achieve.

I understand we can be blinded by rage and not trust that people can change as time, circumstances, and love works within their hearts and minds. Belisandra and I very shortly after that night started communicating in our dreams together and over the months I’ve been able to see her thoughts and talk with her about our dreams together and the new world we seek. She wants to have a family and children with me one day. She looks forward to being able to leave the power struggle and strife that she has come to know under the Fang empire. She has even started to run things differently than the past blade commanders. She isn’t ignorant of her position and power. While she desires to change sides see can see the power and influence she can use to aid us in liberating the people of Wraxnia. Our forbidden love has blossomed into this magnificent story. Who would have guessed that a Vampire Commander from the House of Blades would have fallen in love with an old dwarven priest.

I’ve been able to have physical letters and gifts given to her and recently in one of my sendings to her she communicated back to me that she wanted to meet in person. Polly, Traf’Algar, Jul, and Nix joined me in Coldbay where we went to the trash pile this whole story begun. Rabe was sent by Belisandra to guide us from the trash can to a boarded up abandoned storefront next to the copper items shop. In that abandoned shop space Rabe guided us to full sets of Blades Armor and a letter written by Lady Belisandra that was sealed by her personnel seal with is a sword piercing 6 hearts and 1 large heart on the tip. Traf got us past the guards using the letter and we crossed a rickety wooden bridge that is only about 4’ wide and a little over 100’ long to the garrison. Please note if you are afraid of heights and a long fall onto jagged rocks and choppy water you may want to avoid this bridge. The keep itself had an unusual amount of Blade activity unknowingly to the lower ranks they are preparing to make a move against the other Houses.

Belisandra lives within the inner keep and chooses only the most beautiful to guard her and we noticed they are all extremely well trained guards. The keep was in darkness and the hall was lined with oil paintings of past Blade commanders. We noticed the painting of Belisandra was quite different from past Blade commanders who all had stern harsh faces, full battle armor, and weapons strapped to their side. Belisandra’s portrait was well like many things within the keep you wouldn’t want to expose children to the content… (pun intended) The keep had some heavy breathing and peculiar smell to it. Be warned to not go looking around different rooms or behind curtains what happens in the keep stays in the keep. If you need a lesser or greater restoration after a visit please feel free to look me up I’d be more than glad to cleanse your body.

When we entered the main chamber my love was on her throne on top of a marble dais with a soft glowing light and fireflies in the air above her. She was beautiful sitting there and to see her with my eyes again in the waking world, to hear her voice, and smell her sweet perfume. (Ivar sighs and looks off into the distance) I’ll try not to ramble about our love this isn’t one of my letters to her. She proceeded to give me a passionate kiss and those who saw it could attest she was glad to see me as I was to see her. We then took off to her chamber for about an hour. I’m not going into any of those details that’s personal business.

Once we came back we did some formal introductions and she bestowed magical gifts to my friends and myself. She was nothing but sweet, kind, and generous to everyone. She gave me a ring that I’m wearing and she called me her beloved. We’re basically engaged. Wedding invites and a formal announcement will follow shortly Belisandra and I have many details to get into. I know this is traditionally the males role but Lady Belisandra is a very strong and confident woman which I am ok with. Now back to the mission recap…

She has inside knowledge of all the Houses and inner workings of the empire that she has already offered us insights to this knowledge. She now sees the fate of the Houses and opposes how they have been managed and ran on the last few centuries. She has given us intel and direction to make sure our friend Belinda can rise to power in Coldbay. In 6 Days we have been invited to a Masquerade Ball with the most powerful elite people in Coldbay who would oppose Belinda. It’s going to be a bloodbath! I cannot wait to see who can join us on that next mission!

While I am more than glad to share this information with my friends here in the Overtaken for the sake of Belisandra’s life and position please keep our relationship from becoming public knowledge. She knows nothing of where we are at and is not a threat to us. This is a great opportunity and powerful ally which may help us shape the direction of this war.

Missing Persons
Sleeper agents suck. Next time, just kill the wolf

DM: Sam
Groups: Bryn, Arel, Hera, Rin, and Tyrogar

Varg was one of the last remnants of the House of wolves and had eluded our grasp several times due to his power of mind control. Fortunately for us, his resources were running out and he was out of favor with the fangs. He eluded the previous group and made tracks to a firbolg fishing village on the Kraken’s Maw. The village was full of marked slaves. Each slave having 3 slashes on thier face, very similar to our dear Hera, whom we’d find out later wasn’t a temporary mark. Through some bonded Kinship of Rin on a fellow Firbolg, we found that a ship that had made port was leaving that night heading across the Maw. Through some ingenious disguising, we were able to hop on the ship unnoticed and ride it for nearly a week without getting caught.

During that time we found that Varg was now under the House of Iron’s thumb and he wasn’t happy about it. Drinking himself to sleep every night with the stock on the ship. We had made plans for last night to sneak into the cabin where he and his “Falsies” as we like to call them, the slaves, were holed up, Arel had snuck in and I, Bryn, may or may not have tripped on some boxes alerting him to our presence.

A fierce fight ensued as one of our own Hera, had turned against us under the wolves charm. We fought and fought as Varg absorbed many minions but eventually, victory was ours. The Charm curse was removed(as far as we know)at the cost of about 2/5 of their lives. We investigated further in the cabin of Varg finding that he was taking these enslaved “Falsies” to a House of Irons mine in the mountain near the Bloodsought Valley. We contacted Roa and he instructed that none of the marked could be brought back to the isle as they could compromised our mission. This is where we had to say goodbye to our dear Hera.

Brave as she was, war has cost. In her case, it wasn’t her life or the life of her friends, but her position in the rebellion. The rest of the marked civilians needed a place to go as they were now homeless as a lot of their villages had been pilfered or burned. I, in my quick thinking, elected Hera as their new Captain of this ship that used to be Varg’s. Hera may not be able to come back to the island but having a ship out in the waters isn’t a terrible idea, and she may be able to keep an eye scouting things as simple pirates.

Our mission was a success, mostly. We were able to save some of the slaves, end Varg with the House of Wolves, and keep a valued companion alive, even though destiny may be calling her to another venture.

“Long live Hera, the Pirate Queen!”

Also, don’t tell the Pirates on the throne, they may actually kill the whole crew.

Escape from Midwich Valley
Making friends with a Leviathan

Team: Ellisar, Lincoln, Sa’az, Nix, Teela
DM: Mike

TL;DR: We took a ghost ship to Midwich Valley, found some weird deformed people associated with a church, found out that there’s a Leviathan keeping a world-ending Sleeper imprisoned and that the church wants to free the Sleeper, killed an aberration brood mother, then came home

Summary: Lincoln, Sa’az, Nix, Teela, and I all happened to be near the side of the ruins when an orphan ran in yelling that a man had washed ashore in an old boat, yelling about a Midwitch Valley, but that he looked really sick. When we got down to the shore he had passed away. Upon inspecting his body, Sa’az found a pendant and necklace in his hand, and black veins running from that hand up his arm all the way into his chest. We determined that he had died of a heart attack, and came to the conclusion that this pendant probably was involved in his fatal condition. As a master ship’s carpenter, I determined that the dinghy that he washed ashore in over 200 years old! We decided this warranted more investigation, so we went and talked to the Owl, who didn’t recognize the pendant but found Midwitch Valley on a really old map, and appeared to be the name of an island up near the Dilsark Jungle. Lincoln suggested we take our ghost ship up there. WE HAVE A GHOST SHIP?!?!? Yeah, apparently we have a ghost ship that is fast, spooky, and run by a potato-loving ghost cook, named Cook Cook. He took us quickly all the way across the maw up towards the Dilsark Jungle. Once we got about a day away from our destination, it started getting very stormy with fog everywhere and almost no visibility. While on watch the last night from the Crow’s Nest, I saw a green glow from under the ship, heard groaning, and saw giant black tentacles start coming up around the ship. I quickly woke up everyone and they came on deck, just in time to see the ghost ship be torn in half. We climbed into a lifeboat, but before we could lower ourselves down Lincoln cut the rope on one end, dumping us into the water, where we were dragged under. We got a sight of a 9-eyed giant green monster before we lost consciousness.

We woke up on a beach, and made our way west where we saw a dock in the distance. Upon arrival at the dock, we saw that the small boats there were the exact same as the one that the guy washed ashore in. We walked around the village right by the dock before we found a tavern. The other 4 went to check it out while I went to break into the general store nearby. They later informed me that they met a silent innkeeper and rented out rooms at the exorbitant rate of 10gp per person before coming to join me. Conveniently enough the lock on the general store was the exact same as the lock I’ve been practicing my lock-picking skills on for the past few months, so it was a breeze to get in. The shelves were mostly empty and dusty, so it had been that way for a while. We found a ledger that appeared to be written in some ancient dialect of deep speech – Lincoln and Nix were able to make out a few words/phrases, such as Leviathan, Hated One, Sleeper, and the name of a church, which we assumed was the big obsidian-looking building up the street. We took the ledger to look at later and proceed up the street to the big building.

When we got up to the big black stone building, we found the same symbol that the pendant had on the front of the building above the doors. We went in and saw that it was set up like a church. After looking around for a few minutes, a weird looking man came out of a back room and started yelling at us in the same archaic deep speech that the ledger appeared to have been written in. His skin looked really pale, his pupils were way too big, and he wore a bandanna across his face. The rest of him was covered up except for his hands. He kept yelling that we were outsiders and needed to leave. When Sa’az showed him the pendant he then started calling us thieves, so we left. When we got back into town we heard singing, so we went and found a drunk human named Ignacio hanging out near the beach. He gave us a lot of information about Midwich Valley in return for some of my (watered-down) Irondome Whiskey. He told us that the people were all weird because they were associated with the church, and the weird people leave out offerings (implied food and drink) to the Sleeper, who takes the offerings (while asleep? this didn’t make sense, but we didn’t question it), and in return gives the town gold trinkets and plentiful fish. The Sleeper lives under the city under the waves, and the Leviathan is his warden – if the Sleeper wakes up, then it’s the end of everything. These people are “born” (actually hatched) from the broodmother under the church, so we decided we probably needed to kill the broodmother. We went back to the tavern for a night of rest, since we were approaching exhaustion from not sleeping the night before. We expected a trap at the inn, but none of us really wanted to kill all of the church people if they might be good, so we decided we would spring their trap, which would assuage our consciences – we’d only kill them all if they tried to kill or kidnap us first.

We all shared one cramped room and took turns on watch. During 4th shift I heard chanting downstairs, so I woke up Nix and Sa’az and Sa’az and I went to check it out. We heard a lot of voices chanting on the other side of a door downstairs in the inn, but blindly casting spike growth into the room only resulted in the chanting getting louder, not being interrupted as I had expected. Nix woke up Lincoln and Teela, and we quickly left the inn and made our way up to the church. As we got there we saw a horde of the weird people coming up from the village towards us with torches and pitchforks, so we quickly went inside the church and locked the door behind us. After searching around, Teela found and opened a trapdoor behind the altar which went down into the bowels of the earth. When we got to the bottom, Nix realized that this building was not obsidian – it was warp stone! The entire building was carved out of a giant chunk of it (the building was 200+ feet across, for size reference). We hurried down the tunnel with chanting behind us before coming out into a large open cavern covered with large eggs and a watery pool in the middle. The broodmother (tentacles for legs, tentacles for arms, small tentacles for a head) rose up above the surface of the watery pool, and we quickly initiated combat. Battle was a one-sided affair – while Lincoln took a hefty psychic blast (likely as punishment for slicing open a few eggs on the ground), he threw some draconic fire back, which, along with Nix’s arrows, Sa’az’s potions, and Teela’s melee prowess, resulted in the battle being over in about 10 seconds. I only had time to put my shield/pistol away and was about to draw my bow when one of Nix’s arrows pierced where its head should be, and it fell over onto the shore of the small pool. We heard chanting coming from all directions and all tunnels leading into this common chamber, and were starting to plan our escape when, all of a sudden, our friendly ghost ship popped up in the middle of the watery pool. We quickly climbed aboard and Cook Cook used his newly-learned (from the Leviathan) ability to be submersible to navigate us and the ship through underwater tunnels to get us out to the surface, where we made our way home uneventfully. Our mission rewards, that the Leviathan had left in a chest on-board the ship, were a Cap of Water Breathing (Ellisar), a Tentacle Rod (Lincoln), Scroll of Protection from Aberrations (Sa’az), and 5000gp (Teela + Nix).

Biting Back (2)
The Exploration of Faerinian Forest

There have been reports on the disappearances of people around the Eastern Faerinian Forest. We were asked to embark on a journey and go investigate the situation. I was accompanied by familiar faces of my previous companions, which included the High Elf Hera and the Half Moon Elf Mori. The other members of The Overtaken I have not met included Roa, Nezkotonik, and Mahjeet. We readied our weapons and an Elk (whom Hera called Guacstina) and began to set toward the Forest on foot.

During that travel, I donned my Goggles of Light so it would not impair my lack of night vision. It took us about three days to get to the first settlement, and we arrived without any interruptions.

The first settlement was all quiet. My companions were greatly interested in investigating the area throughout, while I stayed back and took notes. The investigation led them to a large house that seemed to be a wood making shop for various weapons. We were able to acquire a quarterstaff made of dark wood, and a pair of obsidian hand ax, which I was delighted by. Hera seemed to notice my excitement and offered them for me to use as a weapon, even though it was her that found them first. The rest of the shop had finished products scattered about, but there showed no sign of resistance. There was small firestone that seemed to have been long abandoned.

We moved along after the first inspection to the next village, which we found a bloodied corpse of a halfling, much to our horror. He donned a large bite mark across his chest from a wolf. The halfling had an outfit that looked to be like a butler’s outfit. Delving deeper into the forest, we found a building with marks and scratches on the windows, indicating more trackts from wolves. It seemed like this creature had pushed itself out of the window into the open area. We decided to investigate this building as well.

It looked like this was a dining hall that was prepared for a banquet or a feast. There were all sorts of plates, silverware, alcohol, and other miscellaneous. No one was present at the dining hall, and we suspect the halfling is connected to this place somehow due to his butler outfit.

Each of my companions seemed to have taken a liking to different things in this place. Mori began to inspect all the silverware and was adamant about collecting all of them in order to turn them into holy water. When he was done with that sort of business, he began to take some of the alcohol. Nezkotonik fiddled with one of the serving trays, in which he activated a switch that caused the serving tray to compress into a small disk. Doing so, he startled our jaguar Mahjeet. Nez then spends several more times compressing and decompressing the disk. Hera found her way to the kitchen, in which she found a bubbling stew. It must have been very good because she stored the rest of the stew in a jar.

After we completely looted the place, we decided to move on. Much to our surprise, Roa, (who stayed back to keep watch while we investigated), cast Speak with Dead on our dear halfling butler, who we found out is named “Half Bottom”. He was not much of help, and just gestured toward the broken window with claw marks. When he perished, he dropped behind a bell, which I saw and picked up. Ringing the bell summoned a pair of white gloves, but I’m unsure of what the purpose is. Ringing the bell again desummoned the gloves.

My team decided to burn the body of the halfling, just for the safety measures. Roa chucked the poor man into the firepit, and we watched his soul go into the Fugue Plane.

Next up in order, we paid a visit to the third village that reported the absence of people. Mori sends out his Imp Brittany in order to scout the area beforehand. He reports of five enemies and a leader, who had a keen smell, and were able to detect Brittany despite her invisibility. The leader took shape a hulking wolfman, so we suspect that these people were responsible for the death of the butler and the tarnishment of the window. We overheard them mention something about “Hitting up the next settlement,” and we knew at that point that we had to prepare for battle.

I thought it was a good idea for Nez to throw in a stink bomb at them, but then I changed my mind when I saw a bunch of werewolf dudes retching and throwing up. We were also able to surprise them by a couple of fireballs by Hera.

The fight between these creatures was difficult, and they have proved to be a great foe. I stood the front line with Hera and Guacstina, while Mori, Nez, and Mahjeet were away, attacking at the distance. When the stink bomb dispersed, the creatures began to move towards the backline as well, and eventually caught up to Mori. Mori was quick to taunt the enemy for a Hellish Rebuke, while Mahjeet was useful for providing bardic inspiration. Nez granted us some temporary health, so we could have stayed on the battlefield longer. Even Guacstina fought valiantly with her reams, although she did kick me once on the occasion. I believe the creature needs to be tamed a little bit more, but I digress. As for Hera, she uh…how should I write this report as…The High Elf was swallowed by the wolves not just once, but twice. Lucky for her, her Ancestors seems to hear her calling and gave her the strength to free herself from the beast twice. The High Elf might not believe in luck, but I sure damn will.

Eventually, we were able to overtake the enemy, but they saw the lost fight and fled. Mori attempted to chase the leader down by Magic Missile. The target hit true, but we are unsure what happened to the wolfman. I ran after the enemy to investigate, but we only found a pool of blood, along with Crystal of Dimension. Roa concluded that they are probably men from the House of Eyes who probably transported these missing people to their iron mines based on the crystals.

Our team was disappointed in not being able to finish the enemy, but we learned some valuable information along the way, that could help us plan for the next mission.

Hera is also now adorning a menacing scar on her face, so try not to comment or stare too funny at her if you see her around.

As for me, I’m going to go to the Good Barrel after a long week of work. If you see me around, do make a friendly introduction. I know Dragonborns isn’t likened here, but I’m getting around to changing that. Throtominarr!

All Eyes on You
AAR by Tirith

Mission objectives:

  • Stake and destroy the Duke of the House of Eyes
  • Put down any resistance we find


  • Gauge and The Doctor
  • Tirith
  • Mahjeet
  • Traf
  • Nikki
  • Herschel
  • Bryn
  • Morel
  • Myke
  • David Mossborough
  • Nix

Outcome: We staked and destroyed the Duke of the House of Eyes through superior collaboration as a team. We captured and executed his general.

This mission was tactically not as complicated as our mission with Corvus. It was designed to be a fairly straightforward breach and clear into the courtyard of the Eyes manor.

However, it’s worth leading with another warning: removing the head from condemned soldiers of the enemy may not be enough to prevent them from talking after their deaths anymore. The enemy has arcane tracking and audio recording devices that they appear to put inside the bodies of high-ranking Fang mercenaries in case of their deaths. These devices are presumably designed so they can be recovered postmortem, so they should be removed and destroyed by us at all costs. They are a liability if brought back to the island intact. Incinerate the body, and use a detect magic spell to find them as you sift through remains. As with many Fang devices, they are implanted in the body, potentially in the collarbone area.

We prepared briefly before approaching the House of Eyes castle. David summoned a feast that improved our chances for the battle. After we got there, Herschel set a breaching charge on the door, and we rushed in after it exploded.

In the courtyard, Gauge and the Doctor lured the Duke of Eyes out. Our role was to stop any resistance we found, and ultimately stake the Duke himself. The Duke didn’t initially come out, likely unwilling to believe that he was actually being attacked. Instead, he sent his ghouls and inquisitors out. After we killed them, he showed himself.

Never underestimate your enemy. We assumed that there would be anti-magic devices (as is usually the case with Inquisitors), and there were. We did not expect the variety of anti-magic devices at the disposal of the House of Eyes, however. They seem to have a device that can mass dispel arcane effects by disrupting the song of creation itself.

There were deep lead mines and various defenses laid in the courtyard. The House of Eyes was paranoid about being attacked and had somewhat prepared for us. However, the direction to prepare for attack seems to be unilaterally coming from Zantean, who is seen internally to the House of Eyes as more paranoid, insane, and more willing to broker his own power and influence over the House.

To summarize, the Duke of Eyes was unwilling to believe that an attack was possible, but Zantean was. This means that it’s likely that the close to 50 inquisitors at the castle were ordered there by Zantean rather than the Duke himself. It’s also worth pointing out that we killed 5-10 of them, which leaves many more remaining at the castle without a superior.

Having non-magical means of offense remains as critical as ever. The head Inquisitor had a symphonium that created an anti-magic field covering the battlefield. Never forget that you can use the enemy’s hubris against them. I used a deep lead bomb to destroy the symphonium, which let us cast magic into the center of the courtyard.

The high-ranking Inquisitors are given items that allow them to either be invisible or temporarily blink out of existence. I’m not sure what exactly happened, but an Inquisitor with the rank of “Witchfinder General” vanished and appeared next to me before nearly killing me with a deep lead flail.

We staked the Duke of Eyes when he was badly beaten. One sign for when to stake a vampire is its transformation into a monstrous creature. Upon the death of the Duke, the witchfinder general and his men surrendered. We executed his men and took the general captive until we were able to interrogate and execute him in the field for being an accessory to crimes against nature.

The Duke of Eyes had previously been locked in a coffin by Lady Ward. Upon Ward’s death, the Duke’s coffin was unlocked with a form of dead man’s switch. It is worth asking ourselves if there is another dead man’s switch that the death of the Duke of Eyes will trigger.

This is also just speculation, but the use of magic items and effects by Inquisitors is inconsistent with the fact that they consider magic to be heresy. Inquisitors seem to be used as pawns in a much larger game of indoctrination and control by the Fangs, but their somewhat trusted position by the vampires as “witch-hunting” forces also puts them in positions of relative power as the Fang security detail.

Once again, we probably mostly made the right calls in this fight. Everyone did right by the Overtaken, and none of our own died.



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